School Supplies for Next Year

We have moved to a bulk class order for supplies and as such will not be sending home school supply lists. Our aim is to reduce the cost of school supplies for families. The cost will be

$40.00 per student for supplies for the year.

In September the easiest way to make payment will be through School Cash Online. This program is used to pay school and district fees online without the need for cash or cheques.

Once you are registered you can use it until your child graduates high school to make all payments to schools. Many of our families are already registered however if you have not, please see the information below for signing up for School Cash Online. Don’t forget payment for school supplies does not start until September!

The steps to complete to sign up for Cash Online are listed below:

  1. Complete the Online Consent Form by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser nsent Once you have completed the Online consent form for Cash Online it will take 24-48 hours before you can move to Step # 3 and attach your student(s) to your account.
  2. Register for a School Cash Online account es
  3. Attach your students at School Cash Online. When attaching your students to your account you will need their PEN number.

If you have any inquiries or need assistance please email