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President – vacant

VP – Mark Wheen

Secretary – Margaretha Browne

Treasurer – Paula Wilson

SPEAC Rep – Dory Thuot

Fundraising Chairs – Cindy Carroll and Alanna Deegan


Hans Helgesen Constitution

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The Hans Helgesen Parent Advisory Council (HHPAC) welcomes all our new and returning students and parents. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are several ways you can be involved in your child’s education through the PAC. As a parent of a student at Hans Helgesen Elementary School you are a voting member of the PAC and can vote at any general meeting or you can volunteer to hold a position on the PAC; please go to Executive Positions for a list of positions and a description of each.  If you are interested in attending a meeting, please check out our meeting schedule.


  • To develop, enhance and ensure ongoing communication between students, parents and community with Hans Helgesen School, its administration, staff and the School Board.
  • To encourage and support active parental and community involvement and cooperation.
  • To assist parents in accessing the system and to act as an advocate for parents and their children.

Executive Positions


is the official spokesperson for the PAC; is the alternative SPEAC representative; will chair all general and executive meetins; set agendas for meetings; and is one of the signing officers for the PAC.

Vice President…

assists the President; in the absence of the President, will assume the duties of the President; is the official SPEAC representative; and is one of the signing officers for the PAC.


is the official recorder of minutes at all meetings; post approved minutes on the parent information board and provide a copy to the website coordinator to be posted on the website; create agendas in consultation with the President and distribute to members prior to meetings; manage all correspondence of the PAC; and is responsible for the safe keeping of all non-financial records.


is responsible for all financial accounts of the PAC; in consultation with the executive, prepare the annual budget; report on the financial status at meetings; is one of the signing officers for the PAC; and hold a key to the lock box.

Past President…

advise the executive regarding previous year’s procedures; and may be the chairperson for the nominating committee

Committee Coordinators


in consultation with the executive and school administration, decide on, organize and oversee appropriate fundraising events for the year including the Spring Fair and the Fall Auction; and organize parent volunteers as needed.

Emergency Preparedness…

distribute bags and collect completed kits at the beginning of the year; return kits to the students at the end of the year; monitor the expiration dates of emergency supplies on hand; and work with school administration regarding the school’s emergency plans.

Safe Arrival…

set up the program in the first weeks of school by recruiting and providing instruction to a team of volunteers; update the program’s registration form and distribute to all students, retrieve all forms and keep current information on file; and provide teachers with attendance forms and oversee the program throughout the year.

Fresh Fruit…

fresh fruit/vegetables are generally served on Tuesday and Thursday before lunch.  The fresh fruit coordinator will set up the program in the first weeks of school by recruiting and providing instruction to a team of volunteers; ensure a selection of fruit/vegetables is available on all fresh fruit days for preparation and distribution by the volunteers; and manage the fresh fruit budget.

 Parent Librarian…

research new parent/child resource books/dvds for purchase; obtain approval from executive to acquire books/dvds; maintain inventory list of resources available for loan; monitor loans and return dates; research speakers for meetings; and circulate notices advising families of the resources available.

Volunteer Coordinator…

send out volunteer recruitment forms at the beginning of the school year; prepare a volunteer list and work with the fundraising coordinator to organize volunteers for specific events.


liaise with PAC members, school administration and staff to compile information to be posted on the website; and keep the website current


liaise with PAC members, school administration and staff to compile information/notices to be included and prepare and distribute the newsletter monthly.

Member at large (2 positions)…

attend all general meetings and assist committee coordinators if necessary