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Allergies In the School Environment


The number of life-threatening allergies, especially to varied nut products (particularly peanuts) is increasing.  In our classrooms we seek to provide a safe, healthy environment for all the children, including those with severe allergies.  In order to do this, we are asking for your support.

We have children in the school with life-threatening allergies to foods such as nuts and one child with a life-threatening allergy to sesame.  We also have children and staff who may be sensitive to strong odours from perfumes or aftershave.  Since no school can guarantee a peanut-free, fragrance-free, or allergy-free environment, we hope to develop “allergy aware”/peanut safe classrooms.

How can you help?


  1. Talk to your child about not sharing snacks and eating utensils
  2. Emphasize the need for extra care in hand washing before coming to school, and after eating at recess or lunchtime
  3. Consider not sending the many peanut and peanut butter products to school with your child, whenever possible
  4. Consider not sending products that may contain sesame and sesame oil to school with your child, whenever possible
  5. Be aware of the severity of the issue

We want all children to have a rewarding, meaningful and safe school experience, and do not want to isolate or stigmatize any child with allergies.  A child with a severe, anaphylactic (life-threatening) allergy can still have fun and be careful at the same time.

If you have further questions about allergies, emergency treatment or coping with a life-threatening allergy, a good resource can be found by calling the Capital Health Region Asthma, Allergy, Eczema Program at (250) 478-1757.

Thank you for your support!